Why Self-Discipline Is Your Most Attractive Quality

Whenever you look at successful people, no matter from which walk of life, you will notice one big thing that all of them have in common. Without exception, every single successful person is very self-disciplined in their particular field of success. They show up and do the work. They don’t fool around. They make things happen and get stuff done. They focus on results and do whatever is necessary to produce those results. Because without self-discipline, nothing gets accomplished.

Self-Discipline And It’s Enemies

In this day and age we are surrounded by a plethora of stuff and distractions that constantly challenge our attention and productivity. Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, television, movies, social media, video games… And constantly available mobile Internet access anywhere you go, to make sure that you’re always “on” – and never get anything done. Then there is a virtually unlimited amount of cheap junk foods and drinks to choose from. They’re all fun and taste great – at least for a while – but they are very unhealthy and will kill any good looking physique you’ve built. As it is, there is just too much out there in the world that wants to keep us distracted. That wants to keep us wasting time and stuffing our bodies and minds with crap that we know is not good for us. But it’s so damn satisfying indulge in all of that, isn’t it?

The Essence of Self-Discipline

What self-discipline ultimately comes down to is very simple:

It’s about saying NO. It’s about eliminating and denying those things that you know are not helping you moving forward, that are not helping you move towards your goals. And even more important, it’s about the elimination of those things that are actually holding you back, that are moving you away from reaching your goals. The key to self-discipline is the ability to delay gratification. There are many things out there that provide an immediate reward. The things that are bad for you – wasting time, eating junk food and all that – are the things that directly and immediately hit the pleasure centers in your brain:

  • Junk food and candy? Check.
  • Video games? Check.
  • Gossip on Social Media? Check.
  • Porn? Check.
  • Alcohol? Check.
  • Drugs? Check.
  • Mindless distractions of any kind? Check.

And so on. All these substances and activities provide immediate gratification.